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Easy Ways to Retrieve Your Voicemail

Customers with Xfinity Digital Voice Unlimited have the convenience of free voicemail included with their home phone plan. If you are currently one of those customers, you’ll need to know how easy it is to check your voicemail, as well as how to check it at home phone and when you are away.

Checking your voicemail – let me count the ways. It’s a snap when you have a Xfinity Digital Voice account. At home, customers only need to dial *99 from their landline phone. Once connected you’ll be prompted to enter the password that you set up when you ordered your service, and you will begin receiving your voice messages. It’s so easy!

If you are expecting an important call and don’t want to wait until you get home to listen to your messages, check them from wherever you are by dialing your home phone number. Once you hear your personal greeting come on, press the "#" key, and enter your password on the phone keys and your messages will begin playing. How convenient is that?

Xfinity voicemail customers who bundle their phone with Xfinity High Speed Internet get an additional convenient manner with which to check voicemail by accessing their internet account and selecting the "voice" tab. The log on with your phone number and the password you set up for your voicemail when you ordered your service. You’ve got mail!

Digital Voice customers with Xfinity High Speed Internet can additionally manage their landline phone preferences and check voicemail from an online account manager that combines email and voicemail in one convenient place which can be accessed from any computer wherever you are.

Utilizing Xfinity Digital Voice Phone Features
Call Waiting lets you take a second call without cutting off the first caller. When you are on the phone and another call comes in, you’ll hear a tone alert on their phone. Simply hit the flash or talk key and you can speak to the second caller while the first is on hold.

Call Forwarding offers the convenience of never missing another call by allowing customers to designate another number to send specific (selective) or all calls to from your home phone to another number where you can be reached.

Get two other callers together for a phone conference with the convenience of 3-Way Calling. Share some good news, make vacation plans with family or friends, or have a family reunion on the phone with the convenience of connecting with family friends and colleagues all at the same time.

Call Screening allows you to choose and input up to 12 numbers of callers that will get a message that you are not available for calls. You’ll never be bothered with unwanted calls unless you want to take them.

Customers can block their own name and number from the receiving party’s caller ID with Caller ID Blocking. Your name and number will show up as "private" or "anonymous" on the other person’s phone when you make a call to them.

If you only want calls from the people you know to ring through to your phone, Anonymous Call Rejection will make it happen for you. This convenient feature automatically rejects calls from people who don’t allow their Caller ID to display their name and number. Those callers will hear a message that you are not accepting blocked calls.

When you hear the phone, but don’t quite make it before the caller hangs up, Call Return will tell you the number and let you automatically call the number back.

If you are chatting on the phone and a call comes in, Caller ID with Call Waiting allows you to see the name and number of the incoming caller so you’ll know whether you want to take the call or let it go to voicemail. Order Xfinity Phone Service now and save on your monthly phone bill!