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Five Great Reasons to get Xfinity TV

Watching movies is probably the number one family activity around the world when it pertains to home entertainment.

The five best reasons to have Xfinity TV for all your movie viewing needs are Showtime, STARZ, Cimemax, HBO, and The Movie Channel.

With these five premium channels you’ll have all the latest movies and original TV series shows hot off the press, even before they show up HD On Demand and Netflix.

Hundreds of films from categories like comedies, hot action thrillers, Sci-Fi, and horror, are offered to you in ratings from family- friendly to adult only content. Learn more about the channels that Xfinity has to offer.

The word premium was not attached to the hottest movie and program networks as an insignificant term. These exclusive programming lineups afford subscribers exceptional original series viewing pleasures in HD before they are primetime or network available like Thrones and Entourage just to name a few.

You’ll have access to a huge archive of films, events, and shows from classic to the hottest new releases ready to tap into every emotion, feeling, and sense that you have in your soul with premium channels from Xfinity TV.

It is really hard to look at TV now without the quality and technological phenomenon of HD resolution. High Definition television is transmitted at five times the screen resolution of standard definition TV giving off the kind of vibes and charges that you receive in a modern movie theater with premium surround sound. HD programming choices from Xfinity TV fosters stunning picture quality and over 8,000 HD On Demand shows and movies consistently accessible on TV (and online).

Second to the billions of global movie buffs who live to watch a flick, is the wonderful and exciting world of sports enthusiasts. This passionate class of TV watchers can be wickedly serious about their sporting events and favorite teams, catching up on the latest stats, and keeping up with star player news and coaching changes.

Considering the extraordinary upgrades in the sports arena, Xfinity boasts the finest event entertainment packages available in their NFL RedZone ticket which features all the NFL match-ups and multi-faceted moments of every game frame once they get inside the 20-yard line. If you love sports, you’re going to love what Xfinity TV brings you pertaining to the world of sports.

Other first-class networks accented in the lineup include CBS Sports Network, and Fox College Sports. When you want to see the hottest game of the season or the trendiest action from WWE, you are going to get the best seat in the house with Pay-Per-View from Xfinity TV when you select the event of choice from a never-ending lineup.

Top-notch leaders that excel in their respective markets tend to strive to remain at the top. Xfinity TV is no exception when it comes to excellence as they have not only garnered the reputation of the leader in High Definition, they now stand at the top of the pack in the deliverance of 3D television, the latest and greatest new concept in home entertainment. Free to premium package customers, access is available to the programs On Demand Plus and ESPN3D with others soon to follow.

Juggling one’s daily activities is hard enough without introducing the whole family into the mix whenever they are pulled in all sorts of directions to meet scheduling arrangements for school, work, house work, workout classes, sporting events and practice, dance classes, and a hundred other things everyday. On top of all this, you try your best to find a time to get them all together for a meal and especially a couple of hours one night a week to hold a bonding session with a good family oriented show you really thought everyone should see as a family. The OnScreen Guide from Xfinity allows you to set reminders so you won’t miss your favorite shows!

Although it might be an impossible task to get them all together, there’s always plan B to make the program available for everyone to see within a time frame that works with each of their individual schedules and is easily attainable with a DVR from Xfinity TV. The recording of a show on your DVR service is the latest modern advancement in recording television programming without the need for extra boxes and equipment to deal with.

Recording programs that are missed can be viewed over and over since they are stored on a hard drive that holds hours of programming. The capacity is so great, not only can you record a single show, but you can even record an entire season series so that nothing you really wanted to see will ever be unavailable with a DVR from Xfinity TV.

Watching television has moved into a new dimension called home entertainment. Thousands of program choices in the highest screen resolutions possible are astounding home audiences everywhere. Get your piece of the pie with all the greatest features and the latest technology through the phenomenal services of Xfinity TV.