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Long Gone Are the Days of Unwelcomed Callers

Never worry about getting a call from someone you don’t want to talk to again. Xfinity Digital Voice has the answer for people that detest getting calls from unwelcomed callers.

One of the first ever offered and most popular calling features of landline phones was Caller ID. The convenience of having the caller’s name and/or number display on your phone lets you be in control of whether you pick up that phone or not.

If you’re watching TV or working online it’s even more convenient to see who’s calling when the Caller ID works on your TV screen and computer. If you are a Xfinity TV, High Speed Internet, and Digital Voice customer this convenience will be yours, and you will always have the choice to ignore those unwanted callers.

Caller ID is just one convenient calling feature offered by Xfinity Digital Phone. Eleven other features accent the ability to customize your phone into a home phone calling system. Block numbers that you don’t want to receive calls from with Call Block, set up Speed Dial numbers that you call often in order to dial with the push of one button, and Call Forward allows you to send incoming calls of your choice or all calls to another number so you will always get important calls you don’t want to miss.

Failing to mention the most significant component of Xfinity Digital Voice would be inexcusable. More important to most people than 12 free calling features is the value of a home phone service that offers unlimited long distance calls when you are used to having to pay a per-minute charge or at least a long distance flat fee for a certain amount of minutes. Well, you will never have to be tormented again over how long you talk on the phone to friends and family with an unlimited plan from Xfinity Digital Voice. Xfinity Digital Voice offers Voicemail as just one of its many calling plan features.

All local and long distance calls to anywhere in the US, Puerto Rico and Canada are included in your package along with the 12 free calling features, and all of it will cost you much less than you currently pay for basic phone service with your old phone company. The value is unbeatable and no matter how much you search for better quality or cheaper service you won’t find it. Xfinity Digital Phone became the leading service provider by offering the best service, the most features, and the kind of value customers get for the money they spend.

Xfinity Digital Voice understands how to push the envelope in the delivery of unparalleled components and features that include the latest and finest in home phone service. The service they offer is outside the box for standard landlines with top of the line support and superior customer service. They work diligently to resolve issues if any arise. Your Xfinity Digital Voice service comes with a full 30-day money back guarantee. If for any reason, you are not satisfied with your service you can return your equipment within 30 days of purchase and get a full refund.

Folks who seek out new home phone service to replace their old analog phone provider and the expensive service the have need to proceed very carefully. A lot of the online companies that provide voice over internet protocol home phones may be cheap, but people need to know that every word they say on them is transmitted across the internet.

The high quality, crystal clear signals and landline service furnished by Xfinity Digital Voice is carried to your home over advanced fiber optic cable and never has the blank spots and lagging conversation time that VOIP has. Customers may get cheaper service, but the quality just won’t be there.

Living in times so hard without any reprise or relief in the near future, it’s hard to believe you can still get great deals like the ones that Xfinity Digital Voice has put together for customers. The exceptional features are overwhelming to say the least and sometimes it is difficult to decide on the best package to meet your household requirements.

People who need assistance have a commitment from 24,00 customer representatives, a part of the Xfinity Digital Voice team, that are standing by to assist and assure customers with selections, questions, and support for anything they may need.

Xfinity Digital Voice is confident about the quality of home phone service they deliver to households throughout the nation. The thousands of customers already using Digital Voice are a good testament to how great the service is. With a money-back guarantee, people must know how serious they are about the superiority and reliability of the service they provide.

Committed to bringing an over the top service experience to customers on a consistent basis, you just can’t find a better home phone service provider than Xfinity Digital Voice.