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Xfinity Pay Per View Services

Enjoy Your Time at Home with Pay-Per-View from Xfinity TV from Comcast

If you love the excitement of being in the action without all of the traffic and crowds as well as the astronomical prices for sporting event tickets, then why not enjoy some Xfinity TV Pay-Per-View where you’ll have the best seat in the house without all the hassle.

Customers have a front row seat with a simple push of a button to see favorite boxing, UFC, and WWE matchups. Get ready for the excitement of title fights in world championships featuring your favorite stars.

Ordering your favorite live events has never been easier as you’ll have several options to choose from. If you want to order your Pay-Per-View choice from a set top box, simply press the menu button twice on your handheld remote and choose Pay-Per-View from the main menu. Highlight the program you want to see and press select. Then you’ll choose the buy icon on the screen and you’re set. When it is time for the PPV program to come on, you’ll get a reminder that it is about to begin on your TV screen.

Perhaps you would rather order up your PPV choice over the phone. Xfinity offers this option as well. Simply call the number provided to order an instant PPV show. Another popular means to get your favorite live events is to check them out online and use the "order now" button for online ordering. Pay-Per-View programming is at your fingertips and Xfinity makes it easy and convenient for customers to order up any way they choose.

If something comes up or you have ordered a Pay-Per-View program that you suddenly realize is going to conflict with your schedule or activity, you can also cancel a PPV program before it comes on. The procedure is as easy as ordering by using your handheld remote and pressing the menu button twice, selecting Pay-Per-View events, and highlighting the program you already ordered. Select the buy icon and choose don’t order. It’s simple and quick and you can always reorder later when you will be available to watch it.

In case you have problems viewing a PPV program, use these tips to troubleshoot your order before calling Xfinity. Use the On-Screen Guide to find the program you want to watch. If the program has already begun, check to see if your order was accepted. Choose the buy icon on the program info screen and if the order was processed, you’ll get a message that tells you it has been ordered. If you are not a Xfinity HD subscriber, you’ll need to check to see if you ordered the HD PPV program format. If you still can’t view the program and these things are okay, give Xfinity a call and a customer care specialist will help you with it.

Some Pay-Per View programs may not be suitable for your children or you may not want your kids to be able to order PPV programming. For your convenience, you can restrict unauthorized access to ordering Pay-Per-View with Parental Controls.

This month Pay-Per-View offers up some of the most exciting live events around. Choices include a boxing matchup between 8-time World Champion Pacquiao and 2-time World Champion Bradley, TNA Slammiversary featuring your favorite stars in a 10 year celebration of non-stop TNA wrestling, and on the road under the lights as 25 of the world’s top Nascar drivers including Tony Stewart, Danica Patrick, Jimmie Johnson, Kyle Bush, Clint Boyer and others will compete in the "Feed the Children Prelude to the Dream" fundraiser at Eldora Speedway in a dirt track spinout live on Pay-Per-View. Learn more about Xfinity Deals here!