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Xfinity TV from Comcast OnScreen Guide

Know Your On-Screen Guide and How it Works For You

Most Xfinity TV customers think the On Screen Guide that is supplied with their cable service is just a list of programs they can watch. While that is somewhat true, there is much more to the onscreen guide than just listing the available programs.

Leaning the benefits and features of your onscreen guide and how using it can enhance your TV viewing experience is beneficial to users. Searching for programs on TV and On Demand are accessible from the same place.

Using the handheld remote that comes with your set top box, accessing the onscreen guide is as simple as the press of the single menu button and scrolling to the channels and shows you want to watch. Xfinity TV offers some of the best programming available.

If you don’t know what time the program you want to watch is coming on or what day for that matter, you can search for it by title, keyword, or channel name using the on screen keyboard to search across TV and On Demand listings for it. In fact, you can key in the first few letters of the title and the onscreen guide will call up every program that begins with those letters. The most popular shows with those letters will show up on the top of the list. On Demand programs are indicated with a square black box with on in the center in the upper right corner of the description of each listing in high definition format.

Finding a program when you don’t have an exact name is not a problem as the search programs used to find program titles recognizes all words within a title separately. While only currently available programs and movies will show up in a search, program content is updated often so saving the search to run the next day may have different results. You can also access Pay Per View programming using the On Screen Guide.

If you are looking for a specific song or live event with a band, simply enter a musician’s name, band name, or word in the title of the song as the keyword. For security control purposes, shows rated as adult programming will not show up in any search results. Since search features vary depending on the onscreen guide you have, it is necessary for customers to review and understand their specific supported features.

Depending on the variation of the onscreen guide you are using, you may be able to customize it by using the main menu and selecting the setup feature to change colors and grid height on the guide. It’s also possible to change the language used on the guide by way of the main menu and selecting setup, text language setup or audio setup. However, all TV listings will remain in English even if you change other language setting on the guide.

Besides searching for programs, customers have other options that allow them to get full benefit from the onscreen guide provided with their Xfinity TV service. Other options not mentioned earlier include setting reminders for when programs begin, viewing Xfinity messages, searching for commercial-free music to listen to on your TV, and checking the weather. Get familiar with your onscreen guide for ultimate convenience.