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Intelligent Choices

It can get frustrating, trying to wade through the tons of details, when you are trying to find the best pricing solution for your home. It’s hard to make an intelligent choice when you feel you can’t get all the details. Not only do you need the fine print, but you need the prices that go with that fine print. Order Xfinity Now!

This is remedied with Xfinity. This provider eliminates the fine print. It doesn’t give you the run-a-round. It gives you a quality service through pricing plans, and clearly stated features, options and prices.

When you need a quality service for home internet, let Xfinity help you find it- without the fine print. Xfinity offers five different internet plans, so it is sure to have something for everyone.

These plans, their features and prices are all clearly marked. You don’t have to spend time comparing speeds, features and prices, when you have five plans of the highest quality laid out in front of you. This is easy. This allows you to make an intelligent choice. This is the help you need to find the best pricing solution for your budget and your home. This is Xfinity.

When you are looking into internet plans, you can fall into one of three categories. The first category is one where the user just needs basic services for basic usage. This category offers the slower speeds, with the lower prices. The second category of users wants a little more speed for usage that can cover the basics, with just a little more. The third category offers the fastest speeds, for major usage. This category is for the avid gamer, the dedicated networker, or maybe even the college student that has limited time and a lot of homework.

While you are making your decision on what service you need, just remember that any service can be upgraded, and every service you choose through Xfinity will provide what it promises.

Basic Speed for Basic Use

Xfinity offers two different speeds for the basic user. If you just want to get online to check email, or chat with a friend, on a regular basis, one of these two services are there for you. Xfinity offers 6 MBPS on one service and 20 MBPS on the second service. The service with 20 MBPS also offers PowerBoost. This is an online aid that can help with large downloads. PowerBoost makes the largest downloads finish quicker by freeing up the broadband you need for large data files.

Both of these services come with the Constant Guard online security option, and the option of connecting with free email, voicemail and contact imports. These are simple services that offer simple solutions for basic users.

One of these services can fill the need you have for internet access that allows for recipe look ups, basic surfing or light shopping. For your children, one of these two services would be sufficient for online homework, or research assignments. These activities don’t require a lot of speed. So, if you don’t use the internet a lot, you don’t have to pay for the added speeds.

Xfinity understands that you don’t want to pay for a service you won’t use, so it offers one of these, to give you the service you need, at a price you are comfortable with.

A Little More

Many times, internet users need a higher speed, but they don’t have a lot of time to do everything they want to do online. This means they pay a higher bill, but get less usage out of the service they are paying for. This middle ground can present problems with pricing, with little problem on a resolution.

For a little more speed, even on limited usage, Xfinity has a service that can give you up to 30 MBPS. This internet plan is the middle ground between higher priced plans that offer more speeds, and the lower priced plans that don’t offer enough speeds. The 30 MBPS come with PowerBoost, the option of Constant Guard online security, and the option of free email, online voice mail access and free contact imports.

The Fastest Speeds for Major Usage

When Xfinity offers speed, it doesn’t play around. Xfinity High Speed Internet Services are the fastest available services on the market right now. You don’t have to wait for downloads, play around the lag on your multi-player games, or worry about dropped connections, even on WiFi.

These two services can offer 50 MBPS, or 105 MBPS, with the option of Constant Guard online security and the email, voice mail and contact imports option. These services are exactly what the avid gamer or dedicated networker need. One of these two services can be the perfect solution for your home, whether you just want to take the title on high score, or you need to stay connected with all of your network connections.

These speeds, combined with broadband reliability, are also the perfect solution for college students, or students in advanced classes. The level of dedication to homework and school research required in these classes calls for a provider that can keep up with the demand. Xfinity is that provider.

These plans are clearly represented, so there is no fine print. Xfinity is the top provider in the nation, so there is no need to worry about paying for plans that you won’t be able to use.

Broadband internet is the best way to surf, chat, do your research, or annihilate your opponent in a friendly game. You are the one in control with this provider, because everything it offers is clearly listed. You decide which service best meets your needs and provides the best pricing solutions for your budget. Xfinity has it all, and offers it all, in simple, easy-to-understand plans.

These plans can even be combined with other Xfinity services, should you need programming and/or home phone service. One provider can deliver it all, for one Bundled price, and no fine print. When you need simple solutions, Xfinity is the answer.