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Some Channels Available w/ Xfinity

The Best of the Best Channels on Xfinity TV

Channels may be one of the top, if not the top reason that customers use to choose a TV provider. Channels are important to viewers. Everybody wants to have their favorite shows whether it is Primetime programming, daytime programming, or late night TV.

Xfinity changes channels from time to time as they negotiate better deals for the most popular channels available for your regular TV tiers. As the channels change, their signal is automatically sent to your TV without any user interface needed.

Some of the most highly sought after and watched program channels in your Xfinity TV plan include such channels as Discovery, History, Food Network and HGTV.

Discovery Channel is a fan based program channel for those that love reality and adventure. Shows like Dirty Jobs where the cast is people in real life jobs in some of the worst places in the country from septic tank workers to sheep shearers.

The Discovery Channel features programming on interesting subjects like guns, gold digging, motor cycle building, as well as adventures in paddle-boarding, deep sea diving, and dare-devil stunts. Other categories covered on Discovery are technological discoveries and gadgets, cars and bikes, energy, and health and fitness. It’s a never ending thrill of new territory for viewers to discover.

The History Channel is right up there with the Discovery Channel in viewer popularity. It’s time for a new season of Ice Road Truckers beginning this month, a program of truckers traveling the ice roads in Alaska carrying equipment, food, supplies and anything else needed as three winter months is the only time the ice is thick enough for the trucks to travel. Troubles, breakdowns, too much snow causing a blanket of snow on the ice will cause it to melt shutting down the road, and just about any other problem imaginable can happen as the dedicated men risk their lives for the season on Ice Road Truckers.

Catch the latest series on the History Channel that has drawn national attention, the Hatfields and McCoys. Enjoythe legendary story of the greatest ever family feud in history that began near the end of the civil war. The feud continues to destroy the families and even causes its own war between Kentucky and Virginia as the hatred continues to prove that blood is thicker than water.

Who doesn’t love a good recipe or good food? The Food Network offers cooking shows, chef contests, shows featuring the best chefs in America specializing in everything from southern cooking to Cajun and gourmet, and cake baking contests. One of the most popular shows on the Food Network is Diners, Drive-ins, and Dives, featuring Guy Fieri who hits every greasy spoon diner across the country, some right in your home town if you watch it long enough.

Another favorite channel that viewers love is the decorating and design both indoors and out on HGTV. Viewers tune into watch and learn how to redecorate a room, buy and flip real estate, landscape a garden, or build a dream home.

Xfinity has hundreds of channels. Find out which of your favorite ones are available in your area. Programming has never been so good as it is with Xfinity TV.